The best Side of activecampaign review

ActiveCampaign is not only your standard email company. It’s a complete email marketing automation and CRM platform.

When you have used Aweber for example, you will be acquainted with core features like mailing broadcast emails (called campaigns) and creating web forms. What ActiveCampaign’s CRM features offer you (Plus plan only) is greater control over your contacts than you are most likely used to.

But where ActiveCampaign really stands out are its impressive automation features. It offers a powerful visual automation editor which allows you to build some amazing email workflows that few other email providers can match.

ActiveCampaign has the concepts of tags, that you will be using frequently to segment your lists. Email segmenting is normally super important because it allows you to send out highly targeted emails. The even more focused your emails are, the even more responsive your subscribers will be.

Think about tags as attributes that you define for the people on your own list. You could have tags for particular passions like email marketing, SEO etc. Or you could create tags for customers and non-buyers. It’s up to you to decide the type of tags to use.

Automations permit you to create a workflow of actions that are triggered predicated on specific criteria.

If your goal is to build a passive, automated business after that automations are really where it’s at.

According to HubSpot, internet marketers who implement advertising automation increase their sales by typically 10%.

Luckily, ActiveCampaign makes creating workflow automations simple.

When you clickfunnels create an automation, you are first asked how you wish to trigger the automation:

Building up your automation workflow is normally then just a matter of hitting and adding new Actions until you’re done. You can also create more complex automations by composing them of additional smaller automations. You can use the automation quick links to very easily navigate between nested automations.

This capability to re-use automations across multiple lists is very powerful and will save a lot of time if you are using automations a lot. You can also share automations which other folks which is also super useful!

ActiveCampaign can be the only ESP I know which allows you to test automations. This allows you to perform things like split test enough time of time each of your automated emails goes out.

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